Trekking desert Morocco

Trekking desert Morocco

Sahara Holidays 

Trekking desert Morocco

Trekking desert Morocco

Sahara Holidays is a local Tour company based in M’hamid, in the south-east of Morocco. We offer, desert trekking  & cultural tours of Morocco that highlight the very best of our country. We will make sure your trip is a completely unique experience of life in the greatest desert on earth as it has been for thousands of years, meeting local people, learning their traditions, eating their foods, camel trekking with them, and listening to their music, under a perfectly clear sky.  We will  ensure that your journey will be one you will treasure forever. We offer a variety of tours and can tailor make one especially for you to suit your interests and your budget.

Sahara !!

Sahara desert where everything is so different,  enjoy magical experiences in the desert, discover the centuries old traditions of Camel caravans, at the same time enjoying  clear skies with billions of stars and seas of sand, and learn about the nomadic culture and life style

We Offre ?

Trekking desert Morocco

Desert trekking Morocco takes you directly into the heart of the famous Sahara Desert.  Which adds a whole new dimension to the camel trekking experience.  With Sahara Holidays Team, you will experience life in the wild desert of Morocco with the nomads, the local people, sunrises and sunsets so beautiful you will never forget them.

Don’t just visit. Inhabit

Dine al fresco under billions of stars in the Sahara desert on local Tagine that you help make if you want , bring the camels and give them their food , learn how to make a friends with the camels and how to win their trust and their love ,  live like a nomad in the Sahara desert 


We invite you to explore the fascinating landscape of Morocco, a land of dramatic contrasts, legends and romance. Our cultural tours will take you the heart of Morocco to enjoy an exotic adventure.

Experiences with Nomads

A trip in Moroccan Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fantastic memories that will last  forever.